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Type of work

Installation: 10 pallet, made from paper and wood

2017, 16-28 February

The project includes 33 interviews with Moldovan citizens who expressed their opinion about what national debt and financial debt mean to them.

Chisinau, Moldova

Municipal Library "B.P. HASDEU"

The idea of this project came after the robbery of one billion dollars from the banking system of the Republic of Moldova. This happened over many years until the system could no longer cope with the problems it was facing.

The most important part of this project is the conceptual part without which the installation makes no sense. LA DATORIE (in Romanian) means AT DUTY, but not only that. It is curious that in the Romanian language the word DATORIE has two meanings which in English would be translated as DUTY and DEBT. In the case of the robbery, the citizens of Moldova clashed with both meanings of this word. On the one hand, they have a financial debt, and on the other, a debt to the country to return this stolen money.

It can be summarized as follows: The installation presents in physical form what a billion dollars in 100 bills (11.3 cubic meters) looks like, and the immensity of effort that citizens must make to recover this loss.

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